NYSE stocks with -DI14 (MinusDI14) above +DI14 (PlusDI14)

NYSE Negative ADX stock scan based on closing prices for: 23 Oct 2020

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Table Notes
JL Trend = Trend analysis as per Jesse Livermore Market Key Method
Signal = Signals relevant to prior JL trend pivot points (mouse over entry for explanation)
MR Column = 5 day ManicRank figures - latest last. i.e Day-4 Day-3 Day-2 Day-1 Day. NB. Results sorted right to left in descending order using this column.
VF Column = 5 Day volume factors using the 20 day SMA - latest last. i.e. Day-4 Day-3 Day-2 Day-1 Day etc.
Above/Below SMA. +10 = close above 10 day SMA -10 = close below 10 day SMA, +20 close above 20 day SMA etc
Vol20 = is the 20 day SMA
ADX = is actually three values ADX, +DI14 & -DI14 separated by dashes
ATR14 = average 14 day true range

Scan Criteria:
• 20 day average volume over 500000
• 14 day ADX over 30
• MinusDI14 greater than PlusDI14
• relative volume greater than or equal to 1.5 times the 20 day average in the last 5 trading days
Results sorted by MR column in descending order right to left. ie. Day, then Day-1, then Day-2 etc

TickerTrendSignal5 Day MR5 Day VFAbove/Below SMACloseVolVol20ADXATR14
TickerJL TrendSignal5 Day MR5 Day VFAbove/Below SMACloseVolVol20ADXATR14

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