About Us

This website lists various end of day volume related scans which can be useful to construct a daily watchlist of stocks for both day trading and swing trading.

We have incorporated volume scans with two main screening methods for stocks. One from Jesse Livermore (swing trading) and one from Victor Sperandeo (day trading method).


Scans which include signals from Jesse Livermore

Some of our scans are based solely on the Jesse Livermore Market Method of categorising stocks as being in one of 6 states. Up Trend, Down Trend, Natural Rally, Natural Reaction, Secondary Reaction and Secondary Rally.


Scans which include our ManicRank

Our ManicRank is based on Victor Sperandeo's Simple Scoring System. Which is base on the relationship between the open, close, high and low prices from one day to the next. Values are based on eight positive and eight negative factors. The ManicRank value ranges then from -8 to +8 with -8 being the most negative and +8 being the most positive.

Our ManicRank value is available for the last 5 trading days for each exchange.

Click here to see how it is calculated.


ADX Scans

ADX scans are based on 14 days and are a measure of directional movement in excess of an equilibrium point (i.e plusDI14 equals minusDI14). Scans are available for plusDI14 greater than minusDI14 and vice versa.

There are many websites out there that will teach the reader the usefulness of these figures better than we can.


Data availability

Data is analysed offline and the results of our scans are available on this website from the following times:-
NYSE and NASDAQ tables are available from 06:00 EST the following day on Tuesday to Saturday
LSE tables are available from 18:00 GMT on the same day Monday to Thursday and by 09:00 GMT on Saturday.


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